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MOO-V-Night – Outdoor Movie Service for Lyons, Illinois

MOO-V-Night was established to meet a growing interest among families to reconnect and discover a great sense of fun rekindled from the original ”drive-in” movie days. We have served Parks, Golf Courses, Home Owners Associations and many Fund Raising groups in the Lyons, Illinois area and surrounding suburbs who use our Outdoor Movie Service for programs and activities. Sporting events, backyard or block parties, “Screen on the Green” at golf courses, “flick and float” swimming pool events, campouts, college orientation nights, concerts and many other occasions are great for MOO-v-Night’s outdoor movie rental service. Whatever your Lyons event, we can accommodate up to 700 people with crystal clear HD images and Awesome sound!

MOO-V-Night is fully insured and the staff are trained in all aspects of projection including extensive set up and operation of equipment. They can also manage pre-show  announcements and entertainment. If you wish Popcorn or catering, MOO-V-Night has relationships with other outstanding vendors who can offer these services so your Lyons outdoor movie event will go on without any stress for you.

Our Inflatable screens set up quickly and are tied down securely to prevent any harm to any people in the area. We also have access to generators to provide power if there is not a suitable electrical connection nearby.

Outdoor Movies are the rage and MOO-V-Night has the experience and equipment to make your next event spectacular. Bring Back the Fun and Enjoy a Movie Under the Stars!

Our service is part of the Alkaye Media Group which began as video producers and projectionists in 1979. We have shown movies all over Illinois including in a Chicago Cemetery.

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