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MOO-V-Night – Outdoor Movie Service for Hinsdale, Illinois

MOO-V-Night is the Chicago areas most experienced outdoor movie company. As a service of Alkaye Media, we have over 35 years of projection experience.
Our screens can accomodate group of 10 to crowds of 700 or more! MOO-V-Night presents an unforgettable evening of Big Screen enjoyment! We’ll do all the work providing and setting up the screen, audio and projection equipment plus our MOO Crew will remain onsite to assist you in hosting or managing your event. All you have to do is select the movie and relax! We can even offer pre-show movie trivia contests!

You can host a MOO-V-Night indoors or outdoors in any open space from your backyard to a giant stadium! There is even space for advertising banners and messages for all to see!

As a video production company we can also create commercials for your event sponsors to show at the start of the show. It’s a great way to offset costs and serves for good-will as well.

Prices include a FREE rain date guarantee.

Our company is based near Chicago and crews travels throughout the Midwest.

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