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Great Movie Choices

What movie to show? What is the movie about?

See this link for the top movies and promotional material you can use. Top Movies

Movie Reviews

Here is a great place to get honest reviews of all kinds of movies: Rotten Tomatoes

Licensing Agents

Due to copyright restrictions, you may need a license to show the movies. These licenses vary depending on the venue in which they are shown. Stay legal. It is a fairly simple process to get the right for these viewings. In some cases, you may find you can get a blanket license for a fee as low as $50 per year.

Here are some useful sites to where you can read more about licensing

General Licensing

Motion Picture Licensing Corporation


Movie licensing USA (Division of Swank, Inc) 1-877-321-1300 www.movlic.com/library/faq.html

Parks and Commercial venues

Swank, Inc.



Criterion Pictures USA,

Inc. 1-800-890-9494



Movie licensing USA (Division of Swank, Inc)

Home and private use

Normally, viewing within the confines of your property is legal without any licensing as long as no fees are charged for the viewing. For more particulars, however, contact any of the above services.