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MOO-V-NightDrive-In theatres have been a part of America’s culture since the early 1900’s. In 1915, a partial drive-in theater – Theatre de Guadalupe – was opened in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

“Seven hundred people may be comfortably seated in the auditorium. Automobile entrances and places for 40 or more cars within the theater grounds and in-line position to see the pictures and witness all performances on the stage is a feature of the place that will please car owners.”[1] The first movie shown by the Theatre de Guadalupe was Bags of Gold, produced by Siegmund Lubin. It closed in 1916

In, 1933 the true popularity began very first 1933 when Park-In Theaters opened in Camden, New Jersey. Those theaters became a great place to take families for a low cost night out and a very popular “date-night” venue as well. Most Drive-ins had a double feature so you could see 2 movies in one night along with a great snack bar to grab your dining fare at.

Over the years, as TV popularity grew and inside movie theatres became the norm, the old drive-ins gave way to new homes and shopping malls.  But a few still exist and here is an article about these great icons of American History. http://goo.gl/uBh3Wi

In 2006, MOO-V-Night.com re-created that special family event with our first outdoor movie experience and has grown to become one of Chicagolands biggest provider of this type of event. Now, we even offer the “MOO Drive-In”. Like old days, people can sit in their cars and watch a big screen movie while listening to the sound on the car radio- No bugs to deal with or noisy neighbors!

Going to an outdoor movie does not have to be a “thing of the past”. MOO-V-Night can capture that same feeling that people enjoyed years ago.

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